Every year at the KPHA Fall Conference, the Association awards special people in Public Health. If you know of someone worthy of nomination for one of the Award Categories below, fill out the Nomination form.

The Awards Committee will consider nominations that have been submitted up to the July Fall Conference deadline. Those submitted after that date will be considered for the following year's awards.

Awards Categories

  • Samuel J. Crumbine Medal, KPHA's highest award, is given for meritorious service and state, regional, or national recognition related to the improvement of the health of Kansans and/or the environment of the state. Recipients of other KPHA awards may receive this award. This award includes a $2,000 scholarship prize.

View the 2011 award recipients.

View the 2012 award recipients.

View the recipients since 1946.

  • Special Service Awards are for individuals who have rendered outstanding service to Kansas in the interest of public health and/or environmental improvement. Two special service awards may be given annually, one of which may be to a non-member of KPHA.
  • Dorothy Woodin Award is bestowed on a public health nurse for outstanding public health nursing services.
  • Jane Addams Award is for a social worker who exemplifies the qualities of Jane Addams, including a pioneering spirit, a trailblazer, and one striving to improve the health of the poor and the sanitary conditions of communities.
  • Virginia Lockhart Health Education Award is given for outstanding service in public promotion of health and/or environmental issues.
  • Corporate Public Health Service Award may be presented annually to a company or organization which, through public policy activities, makes a significant contribution to the mission of public health and/or environmental improvement in Kansas.
  • President's Award is awarded at the discretion of the association's president to acknowledge special accomplishments of an individual or organization towards improving the public's health in Kansas.

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